Munich (Nymphenburg)

Munich, Bavaria’s charming capital, offers the highest standard of living of all of Germany’s 50 largest cities, and is also the nation’s economic powerhouse. As one of the most important economic, transport and cultural hubs in the country, the Bavarian metropolis is one of Europe’s most rapidly growing cities. The buildings we manage here include attractive living and commercial properties in the city centre, as well as practical out of town commercial real estate.

In the Nympenburg Palace Park, at the corner of Margarethe-Danzi-Straße, one can find the aptly named ‘an der Schlossmauer’ gardens, translating in English to the gardens ‘at the palace walls’. Our plot here is approximately 50,000 square metres in size (540,000 square feet) and boasts 151 separate garden plots. The location enjoys uninhibited views of the stunning Badenburg bathing pavilion- built in 1721. The Löwenthal (lion’s valley) and the lake are just a short walk away.

The nearby bus and tram stop ‘Schloss Nymphenburg’ (Nympenburg Palace) guarantees seamless transportation to and from the location.

Address: An der Schlossmauer, Ecke Winfriedstr. 80639 München-Nymphenburg