D-61169 Friedberg

The former Free Imperial City of Friedberg is situated some 30 kilometres (18 miles) to the north of Frankfurt and is the administrative headquarters of the Wetterauskreis region.

Friedberg’s rich cultural heritage is immediately visible from its well-preserved cityscape. Attractions such as the gothic church, the medieval ‘Mikwe’ and the former imperial castle attract visitors from all over Europe. The property on Saarstraße 51-53 is located just 150 metres (500 feet) away from Friedberg station, and is close to the Mittelhessen University of Applied Sciences. Across a total area of 2,500 square metres (27,000 square feet) Poeppinghaus manages 34 comfortable apartments on Saarstraße, with 20 parking spaces.

Friedberg is the key transport hub between Frankfurt and Giessen, both of which are quickly reached on the A5 Autobahn. Frankfurt can be reached in little time with the S6 suburban train from Friedberg station.

Address: Saarstraße 51 – 53, D-61169 Friedberg